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Special Notice Deposit (SND)

BASIC Bank provides Special Notice Deposit Account facility for corporate customers for day-to-day business operations. Any individual or corporate body can open Special Notice Deposit Account, which is an interest bearing deposit account, for a short period of time. However, 7 days of notice is required if the customer wishes to withdraw money from this account.


Opening deposit is minimum Tk.500/-(Tk. Five Hundred).

7 days of notice is required for withdrawal money.

Cheque-book, ATM Service, SMS Alert Service.

Taxes and duties will be applied as per govt. rule.

State owned organization / project funds / govt. program, etc. related account may be opened without any initial balance.

BASIC Special Notice Deposit (SND) may be opened in the name of:


Two or more Individuals (Joint)

Sole Proprietorship Concerns

Partnership Firms

Limited Companies (Both Public and Private)

Societies / Clubs / Associations / Local Bodies


Govt. / Semi Govt. Offices / Corporations / Autonomous bodies.

Interest Rate:

Less than Tk. 1.00 crore 4.00%
Tk. 1.00 crore & above but less than Tk. 25.00 crore 4.00%
Tk. 25.00 crore & above but less than Tk. 50.00 crore 4.00%
Tk. 50.00 crore & above but less than Tk. 100.00 crore 4.00%
Tk. 100 crore and above 4.00%

*Interest rate is subject to change from time to time.
Required Information & Documents:

Duly filled up Account Opening Form.

NID / Birth Certificate / Valid Passport

TIN (if any).

Two copies of recent passport size Photographs of account holder duly attested by the Introducer.

One copy of Passport Size Photograph of Nominee duly attested by the Account Holder.

For opening of SND accounts for joint stock companies, associations and clubs etc.:

Copy of Registration or Incorporation certificate (in case of company or registered organization)

Copy of certificate of commencement (only for public limited company).

Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association (in case of limited company)

Copy of Constitution and By-law (in case of association)

Copy of minutes of board of directors / managing committee / governing body meeting for account management Certified copy of the names of directors / officials and their signatures


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