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Credit Rating

BASIC Bank Limited

Credit Rating Report


Type of Rating Entity (Stand-Alone Basis) Government Support Entity
Long Term B+ A
Short Term ST-5 ST-3
Outlook Stable
Rating year 2016
Date of Rating June 28, 2017


Credit Rating Information and Services Ltd. (CRISL) has assigned B+ (pronounced as Single B Plus) to BASIC Bank Limited for Long Term and ST-5 for Short Term with stable outlook for the year 2016. Rating B+ in Long Term reflected that timely repayment of financial obligation is impaired by serious problems which the entity is faced with. On the other hand, ST-5 rating in Short Term showed that liquidity is not sufficient to insure against disruption in debt service. Operating factors and market access may be subject to a high degree of variation.

Besides, BASIC is rated A (pronounced as Single A) in the Long Term and ST-3 in the Short Term as Government support entity. This level of rating indicates adequate capacity for timely payment of financial commitments in both Long Term and Short Term with small risk involved.

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