BASIC Kalyani

BASIC Kalyani


Prospective women entrepreneurs those who are:
(a) Producing/marketing goods by themselves or through others.
(b) Eager to utilize their educational/professional experience and like to set up new projects or BMRE of existing projects and need working capital.




Dress making, Bed cover, Bed sheet, Pillow cover, Embroidery, Block, Screen Printing, Doll making, Artificial flower making, Gift item, Small printing industry, Foods processing (Jam, Jelly etc.), Spices processing, Store running, Fast food item, Leather products, Jute products, Bamboo and cane products, Plastic products, Pottery, Service-oriented Tele-Phone-Fax-e-mail & computer service, Day-care centre, Nursing home, Diagnostic centre, Clinic set-up and running and any other off-farm activities.




Maximum Tk 25.00 lac. Loan size depends on nature of loan and varies from purpose to purpose.




On receipt of proposal, Branch manager will make spot verification and asses credit need of the entrepreneur. Women Entrepreneur dedicated desk at SmE unit under MCSFD at Head Office will thoroughly appraise the proposal and place to proper sanctioning authority. 




Head Office will sanction the loan on the basis of market price, and equity of the entrepreneur. Minimum equity / margin is 35%




Personal guarantee of the applicant, Personal guarantee of the applicant's husband/father or earning members from any dears & near one's, guarantee from any known & highly acclaimed person of the society/organization to be obtained. Hypothecation of goods / machineries / equipments, DP note and other charge documents are essential. For collateral, mortgage of landed property (1.3 times of loan) to be obtained, Shop's possession right/ rental agreement to be obtained with consent letter of house/shop's owner.