Innovation Corner

Last Updated on: 23-05-2024

Implementation of One Innovative Idea,

One Service Process Simplification Idea

and One Digitized Service Idea

by June, 2022


  1. Implementation of Innovative Idea:-
SL. Innovative Idea Implementation Date Click
01. E-Circular 19 December, 2021  
02. Magpie Mobile Apps 14 March, 2023 Click here
03. Remittance Software (REMIT 365) 18 Dec, 2023 Click here
04. Prottoyon Potro   Click here
  1. Implementation of Service Process Simplification Idea:-

           Simplification of “Customer Service Forms”

           Implemented by : 24th February, 2022

  1. Implementation of Digitalization of Service Idea:-


            Implemented by : 29th December, 2021

Annual Plan for Implementing Programmes:

SL. Title Click
01. Annual Plan for Implementing Programmes Related To Fourth Industrial Revolution for the Financial Year (2022-23) Click here
02. E-Governance and Innovation Work Plan (2023-24) Click here