Right To Information Seba Box

01. Name of the Responsible Officer and Alternative Responsible Officer of RTI

Information Providing Unit of BASIC Bank Limited under Right to Information Act 2009

  Designated Official: Alternate Designated Official:
Name: Mr. Sahidul Alam Mohammad Kabir Mr. Shah Md. Nazmus Sakib
Designation: Assistant General Manager Executive Manager
Office Name: BASIC Bank Limited BASIC Bank Limited
Phone / Mobile Number: 9589048, CIB- 9589194 , Ext:357 880-2-9589173
Fax: 880-2-9589173 880-2-9589173
Email: kabirs@basicbanklimited.com sakibs@basicbanklimited.com

02. Name of the Appellate Authority of RTI

  Appellate Official:
Designation: Managing Director & CEO
Office Name: BASIC Bank Limited
Phone / Mobile Number: 880-2-9572290
Fax: 880-2-7124911
Email: basicmd@basicbanklimited.com

03. Picture of training, training materials/documents arranged by BBTI

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01. Training Materials, 30 Oct, 2022 Click here
02. Picture of Training on RTI Act, 2022 Click here

04. Web link of Ministry of Finance and Information Commission

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01. Web link of Ministry of Finance Click here
02. Web link of Information Commission Click here

05. Quarterly statement of RTI

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01. Quarterly statement of RTI, 2022-23 Click here
02. Quarterly statement of RTI, Oct-Dec, 2022 Click here

06. RTI related Publications

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07. Picture of Meeting/Seminar/Workshop

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01. RTI Meeting 05.11.2022 Click here

08. Information catalogue and Index

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01. Data Categorization of BASIC Bank (RTI), 2022 Click here

09. Annual Action Plan of RTI

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01. Annual Action Plan of  BASIC  Bank ( RTI), 2022-23 Click here

10. Instruction for release of Information

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